Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth: My New Spiralizer

Other than owning a basic food processor and blender, a spice/coffee grinder, and a coffee machine, I tend to stay well away from kitchen gadgets. I prefer to improvise with tools that I already own. On the other hand, the rest of my family loves gadgets. When N. decided that the family needed a present for the holidays, I ended up with a Spiralizer!

A Spiralizer is a simple cutting tool; a hand-held device with blades that slice vegetables into strands of varying thickness and length. Although I was a little reluctant to add another gadget that would take up shelf space, now I cannot seem to stop spiraling vegetables. Instead of grating them in a food processor, I added carrot ringlets to make carrot cake for a birthday celebration. I served long strands of zucchini noodles instead of crystalline rice noodles with stock from last week’s Vietnamese soup, Chicken pho. (As befits a coincidence, the Williams-Sonoma catalog arrived in the mail with a catchier title than I thought of: faux-pho). I also made curly zucchini fries dousing them liberally with herbes de Provence.


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Surprisingly, I’ve been inspired by the Spiralizer and have been substituting all kinds of ingredients with ribbons and curly strands of vegetables.  Zucchini was the winner this week – replacing spaghetti to be served with meatballs, cabbage in coleslaw, and green papaya in a Thai salad.

IMG_2684 IMG_2688 IMG_2693

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